When you set out to buy anything on Amazon, the one thing that most shoppers lookout for apart from the price and features of the product are reviews. The better the reviews, it seems that the better the products are. Often it is the case that if an individual goes ahead with a purchase despite poor reviews, it needs to be returned. It is thus undisputable that reviews play a great role in the purchase decision of an individual.

With e-commerce giants such as Amazon placing a lot of importance of reviews, becoming an Amazon reviewer or an Amazon tester is a lucrative prospect.  If you have an eye for detail and are willing to provide authentic reviews with the intention of helping prospective customers for the products sold at Amazon, becoming an Amazon reviewer is quite exciting prospect for you. What’s more, will get a lot free Amazon products as a reviewer.

The benefits of becoming an Amazon reviewer

Sounds too good to be true right? And you are probably wondering who would give away stuff for free! Guess what? It is indeed true because sellers are happy to give away free products in exchange of good reviews.  The reason is simple. Good reviews help them generate better sales! 

With positive reviews they are likely to meet their sales targets and even clean up some inventory that made be costing them a lot to maintain. So, giving away free stuff to get positive reviews is a win-win situation for both the seller and the reviewer. Now, isn’t Amazon free stuff a nice incentive to get started with your parallel job as a reviewer? 

All of this is mighty exciting right, but wondering how to get started as a reviewer? Not to worry here’s all you need to know about. To begin with, let’s tell you becoming an Amazon reviewer is really simple and there are several ways in which you can become an Amazon reviewer.

Firstly, Amazon itself provides you an opportunity to you to become a part of its review programme, once you have purchased something as a customer. This is how it works. Once you have made a purchase on Amazon, you get an intimation to leave a review. You can leave a review in three ways.

Star rating: This is the fastest and easiest way of providing a review. The product you have purchased can be rated between one to five stars, one being the lowest and five being the highest. The star rating system makes it easier for prospective shoppers to make an assessment of the products they wish to purchase. Needless to say, products with higher star ratings fare favourably. 

Text review: If you have a way with words, you can consider writing a brief review about your experiences with the product. However, keep in mind that even though Amazon encourages honest reviews, you cannot use any offensive language, regardless of how your experience has been with the product. Any objectionable content or even an review that is malicious or biased will not be published by Amazon. 

Questions: Another way of review on Amazon is simply asking questions about a product. When a product is relatively new in the market, you can ask relevant questions about it, that may be answered by the manufacturer, sales personnel or even a prior customer. Genuine and honest answers often help customers make better purchase decisions. On the other hand, if valid queries go unanswered, it raises a question of credibility of the product. 

While the above mentioned methods are valid ways of becoming an Amazon reviewer and go a long way in assisting customers, you may have realized that none these methods do not fetch you either an income, gifts or free Amazon products. If you want answers to how to get free stuff on Amazon, bear with us as we tell you all about how to get free stuff on Amazon. 

So, without further ado, here are tried and tested methods to become an Amazon reviewer and have manufacturers send you stuff for reviews absolutely free of cost!

Method 1: Become a pro-reviewer as a social media influencer

If you are an influencer with a considerable subscriber base on YouTube, Instagram and the likes, it is a platform you can leverage this further to become an Amazon pro-reviewer. Niche bloggers also stand a good chance of becoming pro-reviewers for Amazon. You however have to be committed to build content around these products that you review thoroughly and honestly for your subscriber base. 

If your content is engaging and interesting, you are bound to get a lot of likes and comments. Some influencers, for instance make great use of humour to review products that holds the attention of their fans and they keep coming back for more. Some build skits or sketches that are extremely entertaining. Once you have a steady stream of loyal followers who appreciate your content, it is only a matter of time when manufacturers will be eager to send you their products for review. However, bear in mind that this is a time-taking process and will bear fruit only over the long term.

Method 2: Use Facebook Groups

Everybody cannot be an influencer, but almost everybody has a digital footprint. So, if you are on Facebook, all you have to do is join some Facebook groups that offer free Amazon products. However, you have to exercise caution while getting associated with these groups. Some of these groups may just be fakes that may be involved with cyber crimes such as phishing. The genuine ones are not difficult to come by though. However, you do not get free stuff upfront. These groups work on a reimbursement mechanism. This essentially means, you purchase a product, provide proof of purchase and you are reimbursed for the product after you have provided an authentic review. 

Method 3: Become a Vine Reviewer

Amazon has been running a review scheme called Amazon Vines since 2007. Here, reviewers who are trustworthy are invited to give their opinions on products that are about to launched shortly in the market. These “Vine Voices” as Amazon calls them is chosen on the basis on reviewer ranks.

Reviewer ranks are calculated on an algorithm that decides how helpful a reviewer’s opinion has been. For instance, if an individual has 30 reviews and only one of it is deemed helpful, his reviewer rank will be low. However, if his reviews are deemed helpful in high double-digits, his rank increases automatically, thus improving his chances to be chosen as a Vine voice.

Once chosen, these reviewers are provided with pre-release products absolutely free of cost. However, just because you receive a product free of cost, does not mean you are obligated to provide a positive review. What is expected on your behalf is helpful and accurate guidance. If you are manipulated in any way to give a positive review by the manufacturer or an overtly negative review goaded by a competing brand, your review will be considered inauthentic.

Pro tip: If you want your opinion to be valued and to enhance your reviewer rank, build your Amazon profile by making your intentions clear as an authentic reviewer. Make your profile lucid and traceable for manufacturers by adding your contact information.

Method 4: Amazon Sample Box Program

If you are keen on becoming an Amazon tester, and want to get free Amazon stuff, you can get involved in Amazon’s sample box program. Here you have to purchase a sample box that may be a collection of new home improvement products, clothes, food and other such goodies. If you purchase one of these boxes as a Amazon Prime member, you stand a good chance of getting reimbursed for your purchase. However, do bear in mind that it is not a cashback offer. You may be reimbursed by way of Amazon vouchers or gift cards that are a great incentive to buy these sample boxes. As an Amazon Prime member, you also stand a chance to win these sample boxes absolutely free of cost by participating in digital contests that are floated quite a few times in a year. If you are tuned in, there is no stopping you from getting lucky and winning a box full of goodies sooner than you think is possible!

Method 5: Get on to Vamux.com and get paid to review products!

If you are serious about becoming an Amazon reviewer. Vamux is professional review network that is doing a fabulous job of bridging connections between e-commerce sellers and reviewers who are truly serious. It is a fool proof method that has worked well for reviewers who have made it a great occupation alongside their day jobs or businesses.

Campaigns are Vamux are price-based on Vamux.com. All you have to do is register and pick and claim a product for review. Once you have paid for your product, and provided an invoice, it is entered into the system and shows on the dashboard. You are then expected to write a review along with the photo or video of the product in question.

The reviews you provide, are expected to be short, crisp and free of jargon to make it readable and user friendly.

For every review you write, not only are you reimbursed for the product you purchase, but also an extra payout of $10 for your review. You can withdraw your earnings through bitcoin on Vamux.com. To be eligible to provide reviews on Vamux, you have to be within USA.

It is greatly beneficial to be a reviewer on Vamux.com as you can build a steady stream of income just by reviewing. The key to become a star reviewer is to be consistent, clear and concise. Once you start building on this premise, you will soon have a steady stream of products lining up for review.

By now, it is most likely evident to you that becoming an Amazon reviewer is an extremely lucrative proposition if you have time in hand, have a helping attitude and are willing to commit to honest and authentic reviews. As mentioned earlier, you can indeed build quite a bitcoin fortune by becoming a professional reviewer for sites such as Vamux.com.

A word of caution

However, here is a word of caution for young employees, students, or fledgling business owners. In a recent turn of events, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against a company posting fake reviews via paid reviewers. As you may be aware, a lawsuit of such a nature may be permanently damaging to your career and may even result in a jail term.

Thus, if you are serious about becoming a reviewer, it is recommended that you only provide reviews through authorized platforms such as Vamux.com to avoid any problems in the future. This is a 100 percent legit way of becoming a pro-reviewer for Amazon and get free Amazon stuff.

Get stuff for free on Amazon

If you do not have the time or the expertise to provide reviews to get reimbursed and compensated, do not despair as there is yet another way in which you can get free stuff from Amazon. For instance, if you are a student, and can provide your student identification and email, you can get access to Amazon Prime absolutely free of cost for six months!

During this time, you are free access to exclusive Prime TV, movie and music content. Further, college students are eligible for exclusive discounts that make you eligible for great stuff on Amazon. The key is to keep your eyes firmly on the Amazon app and watch out for free offers on e-books, music, apps and sample boxes and more.

In this highly digitized world that we live in now, getting free stuff from e-commerce giants such as Amazon can be truly rewarding for one and all. However, if you are keen on becoming a reviewer with all good intent, Vamux.com is the right choice for you!

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