Getting authentic verified Amazon reviews has never been easier.

When it comes to buying Amazon reviews from different agencies, it’s important to understand how the process works. Some agencies use malicious methods to get your reviews, and that puts your FBA account at risk.

At Vamux, we believe the best way to create safe reviews is by randomizing all variables such that each visitor appears unique with no footprints.

Our reviewers:

  1. Search different keywords on Amazon to find your product on different devices.
  2. Buy your product at random intervals and times. Some purchases come quick and some take time.
  3. Ship your product to their home address, which could be anywhere in the country.
  4. Review the product when it arrives. This may happen same day, or maybe a week later. This is all randomized.

Remember, they are real people, genuinely purchasing your product and they’re all trained to leave you a review after trying the product!

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Top reasons to buy reviews

  1. Recover from bad reviews. We all know how 1 bad review can sewer your Amazon business. With Vamux, you have extra reassurance that whatever happens, your products can always be re-evaluated by our buyers. With just a few reviews, we can take your listing from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. 
  2. Improve conversion rates. When you have 5 reviews and your competitor has 75, the competitor will almost always win the sale. Getting your review count in the same ball park as competitors will increase conversion rates, both from organic traffic and traffic generated by ads on the platform. Our descriptive reviewers also focus on the best selling features of your product, to make sure nothing is left out and that every reader will be converted to a buyer.
  3. Increase ranking in Amazon search. We all know Amazon search has several variables. We can’t guarantee you first place, but when it comes to factors relating to reviews, Vamux has your back. We can help you get more, consistent, positive reviews.
  4. Increase sales velocity. Has your product died off? We can revive it by sending sales and reviews, making your listing relevant again in search.

Why to buy verified reviews instead of unverified

Unverified reviews:

  • Cheap. These are the cheapest type of reviews to get because they don’t stack up to verified reviews.
  • Untrusted. These are the easiest reviews to get. They are less trusted by buyers as they don’t have the “verified purchase” badge.
  • Risky. These reviews are the most risky because an unnatural ratio of unverified reviews to verified reviews can trigger Amazon’s suspicion. Unverified reviews are uncommon. 9 out of every 10 reviews are verified meaning if you want to buy unverified reviews, you should only get 1 for every 10 verified reviews your product has. 
  • Fickle. Unverified reviews use an honor system meaning if Amazon thinks there’s a suspicious trend of unverified reviews coming into your account then they’ll delete them, wasting your effort getting them.
  • Attribute to rating. At the end of the day, unverified reviews still affect your product star rating.