No – we have never had an Amazon seller receive discipline, ever. To protect our sellers, we populate our system with random popular Amazon products so that it’s not clear to outsiders who is paying to get more reviews. These products range in popularity.

Did you know Amazon’s terms of service states that the following actions are violations:

A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or shipping box.

A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.

These are regular practices, used by successful companies of all sizes. If it’s against the rules, but everyone is doing it, does it make it right? That’s up to personal opinion but if your goal here is to make more money and get ahead in FBA, we all know what the right answer is.

You simply cannot be successful without reviews. All it takes is one bad customer to leave a negative review and your store is sunk. Our method has made this process completely undetectable.