Vamux works to be in compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.

Amazon has made the practice of asking for reviews from your customers almost impossible. Our service is geared towards seasoned sellers who understand the review process and are fed up with the aggravation of trying to solicit reviews.

According to Amazon:

Customers use these reviews to learn more about the product, assess whether it fits their needs, and make an informed purchase decision. Customer reviews also help sellers understand the customers’ sentiment about their products, what features or aspects of the product customers like, and what areas need improvements. Reviews also provide sellers with ideas on how to improve their products. In order for customer reviews to continue to provide these benefits to customers and sellers, they have to remain a true and authentic reflection of customers’ experiences with the products.

Thankfully, Vamux reviewers agree provide their truthful experience using the product. This means Vamux can’t guarantee that every review is a 5-star review. However, statistically speaking, most reviews Vamux has brokered are 5-star reviews as users who know they are getting a rebate often are happier than those who do not. Vamux reviews average 4.8 to 4.9 stars.