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There is no risk to work with Vamux. Although we require you to buy the product up front, you can always return your product to Amazon for full refund if you decide to back out. Within hours of completing your review, you will receive your payout and we have reviews around the web on relevant forums that vouch for this.

We are currently working with Amazon Prime users in the USA and Canada. We are momentarily rolling out to the UK and other popular Amazon countries.

We prioritize bitcoin but also can payout via Payoneer or gift cards. If you have a preferred payment method, please ask support if we can accommodate your suggestion. We do not work with PayPal.


We try to randomize the purchases and reviews. Our goal is to have different people, randomly order your product at random times. For example, if your product has 0 reviews and 0 sales, it would be a bad idea for us to send all of your purchases and reviews immediately. We try to spread everything out and make it natural.

You can create an order to buy reviews from the Vamux homepage. Once creating the order, your product will appear in the dashboard with all the other products available to reviewers. They will claim your product at a natural rate. If your product is cheaper, expect it to be claimed quicker than products that cost over $50. You have to remember that reviewers earn a fixed amount per product review so it’s less risk to them to choose cheaper products. All orders eventually get completed. Within the first week, you will have orders and within the second week, you will have reviews. You will be sent the reviews by email in case you are unaware which reviews came from us.

Vamux users are natural by the nature of human behavior and its regular error. By that I mean users check the system at different times. Some check the dashboard first thing in the morning, others check on their lunch break and some check after they’ve put the kids to bed. In other cases, some are busy on the weekends or might not sign into the system this week because they’re busy with their real job. This is similar to how humans interact on Amazon, randomly. Footprints are removed as users search for your product manually, and don’t click a link. The only thing consistent is your reviews will often be 5 star reviews.

Reviewers are told the title of the listing along with the price and your image. They will search any combination of the title randomly to keep it organic.

No – we have never had an Amazon seller receive discipline, ever. To protect our sellers, we populate our system with random popular Amazon products so that it’s not clear to outsiders who is paying to get more reviews. These products range in popularity.

Did you know Amazon’s terms of service states that the following actions are violations:

A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or shipping box.

A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.

These are regular practices, used by successful companies of all sizes. If it’s against the rules, but everyone is doing it, does it make it right? That’s up to personal opinion but if your goal here is to make more money and get ahead in FBA, we all know what the right answer is.

You simply cannot be successful without reviews. All it takes is one bad customer to leave a negative review and your store is sunk. Our method has made this process completely undetectable.

Vamux works to be in compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.

Amazon has made the practice of asking for reviews from your customers almost impossible. Our service is geared towards seasoned sellers who understand the review process and are fed up with the aggravation of trying to solicit reviews.

According to Amazon:

Customers use these reviews to learn more about the product, assess whether it fits their needs, and make an informed purchase decision. Customer reviews also help sellers understand the customers’ sentiment about their products, what features or aspects of the product customers like, and what areas need improvements. Reviews also provide sellers with ideas on how to improve their products. In order for customer reviews to continue to provide these benefits to customers and sellers, they have to remain a true and authentic reflection of customers’ experiences with the products.

Thankfully, Vamux reviewers agree provide their truthful experience using the product. This means Vamux can’t guarantee that every review is a 5-star review. However, statistically speaking, most reviews Vamux has brokered are 5-star reviews as users who know they are getting a rebate often are happier than those who do not. Vamux reviews average 4.8 to 4.9 stars.

On our homepage we have a calculator that will estimate the number of 5-star reviews required to achieve your target rating.

Vamux is a middleman that ensures both parties meet their promises. On the seller side, we protect them by ensuring reviewers actually finish their end of the deal. If reviewers don’t finish, they don’t get the rebate. On the reviewer side, we hold the rebate as escrow from the seller to ensure they get paid for a job well done. This creates high trust and chemistry between vendors and reviewers, cultivating a prosperous community.

Once your product is added to the Vamux dashboard, our reviewers will start purchasing your product at a natural, random rate.

The reviewers have 10 days to review the product once purchased. They don’t leave a review until it delivers so if the average order delivers in 3 days, the reviews will randomly come on day 4-10.