Make money by reviewing products on

Make money by reviewing products on

Vamux is a review network that bridges the connection between e-commerce companies and reviewers.


The nice thing about Vamux is there was zero risk. If there's any delay on payout, I knew I could always send the product back to Amazon and get full refund. Joining Vamux was risk-free.

Jeffrey Booth
Works From Home

Requirements to join

Live in the USA

For eligibility to receive all products, you must be within the USA.

Bitcoin literate

We pay all workers via bitcoin. While extremely easy to learn to use, we don't offer any assistance setting up a wallet. experience

Using Amazon is easy but familiarity with the basics of the platform will help ensure you get paid for every task you do.

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Vamux is an Amazon review club which allows USA Amazon users to get free products for writing a review. Similar to the Amazon early reviewer program, vendors can easily get reviews for their new products. All users must be prime. Vamux can also be considered an Amazon review trader. Try it today and get some free products for reviews – become an Amazon reviewer! You can be a product tester and have some amazing perks. This is exactly how to get companies to send you products to review